Boost your confidence with an ‘on-the-clock’ technique

The April 2024 issue of ‘Leisure Artist’ had an article by Anthony Nield, ‘Speed and fluency: Give yourself a quick confidence boost by trying this on on-the-clock technique’. The idea is to draw an landscape image on four postcard size watercolor papers (each 5 x 8 inches). Mount two of them side by side on a board. Then rotate the board so that the two postcards are at the bottom and mount the other two at the top so that the bottom of the second two meet the top of the first two.

Then give yourself 35 minutes to paint all four of the images. Start by painting the sky of the 1st two images then rotate the board and paint the sky of the 2nd two images. This method will provide enough time for the second pair to dry while you are painting the 1st pair.

Visit Mr. Nield’s Art Website to learn more about him and to see his art and offerings –

Anthony Nield's idea for developing speed and fluency in painting. Leisure Painting Magazine, April 2024.