Getting Down with Spray Paint Art

Recently I had the best time creating art with traditional acrylic paints and with spray paints! So much fun!

Here is one of the paintings I created in a ‘Periwinkle Surprise’ series of paintings created with spray paints as an example….

‘Periwinkle Surprise’ – Crossroads

I am excited about pursuing other ways to use spray paints in arts and will be perusing methods and techniques. Google ‘how to paint art with spray cans’ for an idea of how many there are! Almost 13 MILLION results! 

I ran across one fascinating YouTube video tonight with 10 different spray paint art techniques. It was 25 minutes packed with demonstrations of techniques. Styles vary greatly in the video from galaxy art to landscape painting. Check it out!

I’ll update this post and add other entries about Spray Paint Art soon so check back!