“From Canvas to Art: How John Beckley Creates a Stencil Pop Art Portrait – A Step-by-Step Study”

I am so appreciative of how famous and very skilled artists share with us their processes and procedures for painting a ‘masterpiece’. French abstract artist, John Beckley, is one of my favorite artists and I always enjoy his emails and his YouTube videos. His latest email is a good example. His pop art using stencils and spray paint has become stuff of legends. He even sells copies of his stencils if you are interested in giving them a try.

Here is a link to his article – https://bit.ly/3Ky9akq

John Beckley’s stencils can be purchased at https://my-stencils.com/shop

Here is a link to his YouTube videos – https://youtube.com/@JohnBeckleyArt

UPDATE: On his my-stencils.com Website Beckley offers a free book on painting with stencils. To obtain the book you have to provide and confirm your email address.