“Paint Believable Light – A Watercolor Tutorial” by Matthew White

I received an email from Matthew White this morning and found the lesson to be earthshaking. He said, “in this tutorial, I reveal some of my secrets to creating brilliant light in your watercolor paintings“. Indeed he does! He shares 3 steps to creating more light. Click here for his tutorial.

This tutorial was so helpful to me. I have four watercolor backgrounds that I made with Brusho paints on my painting table right now. One of them is predominately light (most of the paper is still white with bright color splashes mixed in) and the other three are predominately dark (most of the papers are filled in with bright color splashes and there is very little white). The papers were painted with the intention that they would imitate ‘underwater scenes’ and that I would paint a turtle, seahorse or something on top of the background. It has been a struggle though because as pretty as they are I now believe that they are too dark for anything to show on top. The single lighter one is probably going to be the better canvas for adding additional art.

Be sure to check out Matthew’s Website and his beautiful paintings – https://www.mwhiteart.com