‘Why I stopped taping my Watercolor Paper. Try this instead!’ Matthew White

I received an email this morning from Matt. He must have been thinking of me specifically. : )

I consistently tape my watercolor paper down. It helps keep the paper flat while painting.

Sometimes it comes off cleanly and sometimes it takes a thin layer of the watercolor paper with it which I just smile and consider it as added ‘texture’. Other times it encroaches into the actual painting and takes the top layer of a small segment of the painting with it – NOT GOOD. Rarely does the latter problem add to the overall look of the painting.

In the email and in his YouTube video Matt recommends that instead of taping the paper down that you dampen BOTH sides of the paper first (or after you have drawn the outline of your painting.

I will try that!!! It will save me alot of money on tape. How about you?