Abstract artist David Michael Slonim’s advice to students

David Michael Slonim

(PHOTO CREDIT: InternationalArtist.com) 

InternationalArtist.com (The Magazine for Artists by Artists from around the World) published an interview with David Michael Slonim, ‘Unlocking Discoveries: Abstract artist David Michael Slonim talks imagination, intuition and finding your own voice’. It is an excellent article and I’d recommend reading the entire interview (You can read three articles for free) – https://www.internationalartist.com/issues/146/Unlocking-Discoveries

The following is particularly relevant to those of us who got a late start in painting…

SAS: What do you say to students who are afraid that they may be too late in starting?
DMS: First, we all have to face fear and self-doubt, no exceptions. You are in good company. I also tell them that good art comes out of life as we live it. Nothing is wasted. All the years spent raising a family or building a career have given you wisdom that will enrich your art. Life has knocked you around enough that you now have something to express. All of that will show in your paintings. So now is the perfect time to start painting! Someone needs the art you are going to create.