Interview Q & A with landscape in oil painter, Erin Hanson

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I knew virtually nothing about Art a couple of years ago, but I am enjoying my exploration so much!  
As many of you have noted some of my paintings lean toward ‘Impressionism’. I do believe that has to be my favorite style.

Tonight I ran across an incredible artist and some very useful resources. 

The artist is Erin Hanson who paints in oil in ‘Open Impressionism‘ style. Her ‘Original Artwork‘ and ‘Prints‘ are very effectively represented on her Website and choices are easily filtered.  

In addition to fantastic coffee table style books of her paintings she offers two beautiful free online magazines:

– Art and Home –

–  The Impressionist –

Hanson’s blog contains lots of great information for the art buyer and for the artist. 

One of my favorite elements of the Website is the ‘Erin Hanson Interview Question & Answer‘ section! Here is a small example:

What advice would you like to give to budding artists? 

Create your art every day, no matter what else is going on in your life. Keep going, keep persisting, and keep sharing your work with others. The more you produce, the better you will get. The more you share your work, the more you will become known.”

Erin Hanson Artist Instagram –

The Erin Hanson Gallery Facebook –

Hanson’s YouTube channel –

Erin Hanson Artist Linktree –

If you are an artist or art teacher OR know of an artist or art teacher who would be willing to share with us advice for beginning artists or senior artists, please visit this post.

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