‘Cheap Joe’s is Looking for Customer Artwork to be Featured in their Reference Catalog’

Cheap Joe’s is a wonderful art store that is based in Boone, North Carolina. The founder and owner Joe Miller was an adult when he became interested in being an artist. He became a pharmacist. Whenever he saw a watercolor painting he thought, ‘I could do that’. Finally he bought a starter watercolor set of six colors and started painting. The limited palate was discouraged so he began driving 100 miles to buy art supplies. Along the way he started selling art supplies in his pharmacy and finally started an art store.

Click here for ‘Cheap Joe’s’ ABOUT page or here for ‘the history of the store

The store publishes an annual catalog and includes artists photos throughout the catalog. The window for sharing photos of your paintings is now – until September 22nd (2023). Click here for more information and to upload your photos.